Signature Style: Junita Liesar

Signature Style: Junita Liesar

18 April, 2020

Indonesia Tatler peeks inside notable socialites’ and designers’ wardrobes to unearth the secret sauces behind their fashionable flair—with some surprising finds


Foto: Dok. Indonesia Tatler December Issue


Blessed by natural beauty in abundance, Junita Liesar is an elegant lady who has so much more going on beneath mere superficial style and poise. This well-heeled entrepreneur is one of Syahrini’s dearest friends and a down-to-earth woman who loves to give back through her own JL Foundation. With her experience as a model during her younger days, Junita has an impeccable sense of style that makes her stand out among socialites in Jakarta.

On her fashion journey she tried out many looks in order to find her own signature look and discovered that simple and elegant simply suits her. “Edgy styles don’t fit me at all,” she says with a laugh when we ask about her big fashion fails. Now, whether she’s in a business meeting with clients or attending an important event, this stunning mother of two beloved children always takes everyone’s breath away with her simple yet sophisticated looks.

From the trendiest Saint Laurent shoes to the latest Hermès bags, Junita boasts an apparently endless collection of high-end clothing pieces, a lavish shoes collection, and heaps of luxurious accessories inside her spacious closet. Meanwhile, belts and sunglasses are some of her favourites to accessorise her signature style. Junita’s wardrobe is also completed by Roland Mouret and Lanvin as they fit her body shape, sculpted with daily yoga exercises despite her busy schedule as the President Commissioner of Bumi Bangun Mandiri.

Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Signature Style”, Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019