SIgnature Style: Wanda Ponika

SIgnature Style: Wanda Ponika

18 April, 2020

Indonesia Tatler peeks inside notable socialites’ and designers’ wardrobes to unearth the secret sauces behind their fashionable flair—with some surprising finds


Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019

Pouring her heart into designing every piece of her lavish jewellery, Wanda Ponika is no stranger to Indonesia as a renowned fine jewellery designer. The genius behind Wanda House of Jewels, Wanda possesses that unique and timeless sense of fashion as also seen inside her magnificent closet, which is packed with lavish brands. Taking a peek inside her milk-white wardrobes, Indonesia Tatler found that it was filled with row upon row of top-shelf brands sorted neatly according to garment types and colours.

Wanda’s closet also displayed some of her most prized possessions, from a Hermès clutch to a pair of Christian Louboutin Red Kate stiletto heels. If there’s one thing that stands out among Wanda’s glamour collection, it’s definitely her extensive collection of Chanel bags and clothes.
She loves their classic and feminine shapes mixed with the contemporary trends of today. “I’ve loved this brand since I was young,” she says while showing off her favourite Chanel gold-tone clutch, which was a birthday present from her beloved children. “I got to know Chanel from novels and fashion magazines, and my lasting love for Chanel is being passed down to my children.”

While Chanel remains on top of her list, Wanda also owns an array of couture and premium brands, such as Azzedine Alaïa, Diane von Furstenberg, Roland Mouret, and Harlan + Holden. As a creative jewellery designer, when dressing Wanda is always effortlessly stylish and pairs her outfit with her own jewellery pieces. “I’m a fan of the brooch,” she says. “As long as I put on a brooch, anything simple and basic will be elevated with its own charisma.”

Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Signature Style”, Tatler Indonesia December Issue 2019