Tatler Thursdays: A Pampering Luncheon for the Well-Heeled

Tatler Thursdays: A Pampering Luncheon for the Well-Heeled

29 July, 2015

Indonesia Tatler and the Mobiliari Group are renowned as the paramount publication and publishing house of the high society. It is with great anticipation that the revered group introduces Tatler Thursdays, the latest addition to the calendar of high-class events inaugurated by the Mobiliari Group. Yes, this innovative initiative needed a special weekday specifically dedicated to it! As Tuesday is too early in the week, they decided in favor of Thursday to conduct a relaxing, pampering luncheon for Indonesia Tatler Magazine and their refined readers. This invitation-only exclusive affair will be held biweekly every second Thursday of the month, specifically on the second and last week of each calendar month, and will be commencing from August 2015 onwards.

During the intimate luncheon, distinguished invited guests can expect to be pampered and introduced to the most luxurious products money can buy. A host of proprietors representing the top luxury brands available in Indonesia will partake in each Tatler Thursdays luncheon. Each Tatler Thursdays luncheon will be held in a different five-star hotel, fine dining restaurant or upmarket venue befitting the status and stature of esteemed guests.

This exclusive new platform offers the ideal opportunity for niche luxury products to be presented to its refined niche market. Indonesia Tatler will invite guests to enjoy a complimentary luncheon between 12 PM and 2 PM, where they will enjoy exalted presentations and receive generous giveaways as well as elaborate prizes from the novel luxury brand that will co-host each Tatler Thursdays luncheon.

Every Second Thursday of the month, comprising the second and final week of each month.

At the announced five star hotel, fine dining restaurant or esteemed venue.

An enjoyable luncheon with generous giveaways from the novel luxury brands for the refined readers of Indonesia Tatler.

By invitation only

Because We Can!

Indonesia Tatler is at the forefront of the luxury market, and greatly anticipates Tatler Thursdays to become the most stylish, leisurely and reputable luncheon in Jakarta and beyond.

For inquiries, please contact:
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