The Big Picture

The Big Picture

18 April, 2020

With his energetic personality, life coach Jeson Kamadjaja shares with Tatler Indonesia his methods in helping his clients achieve their full potentials and how he uses his extraordinary skill of face-reading in it

“The colour of your belts aren’t important, it’s your heart that matters, and what you aspire to be,” Jeson Kamadjaja told Tatler Indonesia during one afternoon interview. Jeson was referring to the belts earned in the martial arts world since he is a trainer of various martial arts disciplines, ranging from Krav Maga to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

As well as a martial arts trainer, Jeson is also a life coach. His calling is to help people in their journeys to achieve what they want to be through sessions of mentoring, consultation, seminar, and face-reading. The latter being a unique skill that makes him a different kind of life coach. “Face-reading is one of the tools that I use in coaching to help analyse my client’s personality,” he explained.

The face-reading method that Jeson practices was developed by a judge named Edward Jones in Los Angeles during the 1930s. The judge noticed that there are certain physical similarities among the people that he judged in his court. As such, he worked together with psychologists, physiologists, and behavioural scientists to put all the criminal suspects together and to measure their facial and physical traits.

“He came up with this personology method, which is a study of personality through physical traits, and it’s not actually ‘reading’ per se as in fortune telling like the Chinese-style palm-reading; it’s about face-metric analysis,” Jeson put forth. This face-metric analysis has quite a ranging applications from job interviews for executive-level positions to matchmaking, and much more. In fact, Jeson has become an accidental matchmaker himself for his own employees and students at his gym.

“I have these two students, both who are picky when it comes to dating. Through face-reading, I could see that they are quite compatible with each other,” he shared with us. Jeson then suggested that they had a dinner date together and, three months after that, they got engaged and invited Jeson to come to their wedding in Sydney. “People are getting married because of me, while, here I am, still single,” he said with a laugh.

How does Jeson use face-reading in his coaching? According to him, 33 per cent of who you are as a person comes from your personality, while another 33 per cent is built from your habits and conditioning, and the other 33 per cent is about your mission. He uses face-reading to analyse his client’s personality further, and starts to coach from there.

“What is personality actually? It’s basically just a set of talents, so I don’t believe that there’s a good or a bad personality,” Jeson pointed out before continuing, “I see people like a puzzle, consisting of seven billion pieces. I see each one of us like a piece of the puzzle and how that person fits into the big picture. In short, I help people find their mission and I help them find their purpose.”

In conclusion of our interview, Jeson added, “As for me, I serve others find their fit, and that is how I fit into the big picture of this life’s puzzle: I show people their piece of the puzzle and help them answer this question: are you living your full potential?”