May 04, 2020

Cover Story: Nia Ramadhani Bakrie, Blink Beauty Clinic’s ambassador, talks about her life and what she has learned so far

The Good Life

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia November Issue 2019

Warm and sweet, just like the hot chocolate she enjoys drinking, Nia Ramadhani Bakrie was all bright smiles and boundless energy when she arrived for Indonesia Tatler’s anniversary issue cover shoot. As she shimmied her svelte figure into the black dress dotted with the word “Balenciaga”, Nia chatted with us about her busy schedule these days, especially as she just took on the role of Blink Beauty Clinic’s ambassador. “I’ve been a regular at Blink Beauty for some time, which is why it was only natural that I accepted the offer to become its brand ambassador,” Nia told us. “Thanks to Blink Beauty, I’ve been able to maintain my body shape even after giving birth, so now it’s time to share my experiences.”

She has also started to do Pilates more regularly and recently took up horse riding after enjoying quality time during breakfast together with her family and seeing them off to work and school. “Managing time is always a challenge, and how to fully concentrate on task at hand during a given timeframe,” Nia said. “Above all, my first priority will always be my family.” Besides Nia’s roles as a wife and mother to one pretty girl and two handsome boys, she has many projects lined up, ranging from food to fashion and the morning Ngopi Dara talk show as of the past year.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia November Issue 2019

“From my time in the entertainment world, I learned to work hard to get the best results,” she said. “No matter the length of time it takes to produce results, keep on going.” Success, for her, is about aspiring to achieve goals and to be thankful for today’s blessings. As such, Nia wouldn’t go back to change anything, because the long journey she been through has strengthened her mentality today.

“People often have the misconception that my life is all smooth and grand,” Nia confessed. “However, I have also had my own ups and downs, and have learned so much from rising up again.” Motherhood has also taught Nia about unconditional love, patience, sincerity, and many other positive traits. As such, she has taught her kids that, in life, one must always look towards those who are less fortunate to be reminded about counting the good things in life and helping those in need. “Wherever you are in life, there’s always someone above; if we look up to them, we won’t be at peace and will grow jealous,” Nia told us. In turn, her children have taught her that to be happy is actually quite simple, by being honest about feelings and enjoying every moment in life.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia November Issue 2019

To balance her life, during her free time Nia either hangs out with friends and family or travels with her closest ones. “The best place we visited was Orlando in the US because everybody was happy,” Nia said, with a smile at the memories. “I love to have fun at theme parks and there are so many options there.” What makes Nia even happier, however, are her children’s achievements. “It makes me so proud and happy whenever someone congratulates my kids for a job well done, or compliments good behaviour, because that means I’ve successfully raised them right,” Nia added at the end of our chat.

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia November Issue 2019


Words by Edith Emeralda
Photography by Agus Santoso
Styling by Aldi Indrajaya
Make-up by Chindra Tansil; Hair by Ran;
Wardrobe by Balenciaga

Source: Emeralda, Edith, “The Good Life”, Tatler Indonesia, November Issue, 2019

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