The Odyssey of Jeremy Thomas

The Odyssey of Jeremy Thomas

17 March, 2021

After 27 years of an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, actor, director and producer Jeremy Thomas has matured finely like Hennessy X.O. To celebrate his achievement, he sat down to talk about his journey to stardom and how he remains relevant today while enjoying a glass of his favorite cognac.

by Diella Yasmine


 Photo courtesy: Jeremy Thomas

Those who use time wisely, spend it to advance their purpose in life and mature into its best self. Jeremy Thomas is one of fine example. The actor, producer and director, has aged like a fine cognac.

After more than two decades in the acting business and more than two dozen titles under his belt, it would seem that Jeremy has done it all. However, his journey to success isn’t always so easy.

Born and raised in Pekanbaru, Riau, the father of two never thought he’d have a career in the glamorous entertainment industry. “I was an introvert and I preferred to be alone,” he reminisced. His dream at the time was to further pursue his education in the United States, yet his father disapproved and asked him to finish his higher education in Indonesia instead.

Around the same time, young Jeremy had a passion for sports and mostly spent his free time outside doing workouts. This healthy habit did not only make him fit but also brought him the opportunity to find his calling.

First scouted in a shopping mall by a talent manager back in 1992, he started off his career in modeling before delving into acting. After appearing in many commercials, one fated meeting with media magnate Raam Punjabi brought his talents to the spotlight and started his successful career.

“Raam contacted me to play in a soap opera with top celebrities such as Paramitha Rusady and Anjasmara,” he said. “The series became a big hit and gained immense popularity, he called me back and offered another series to play next.”

Popularity didn’t stop Jeremy from continuing to strive for excellence. “I continued learn, and was forged thoroughly, from being disciplined on time management, mastering the logic in acting to body language, and many more.”

He sees opportunities as a learning experience. His open-mindedness led him to always up for the challenge and chances coming his way. Jeremy further improved his career onto the silver screen, and never looked back since. “My motto in life is to always appreciate every opportunity. Be it the first meeting or a job offer, I always count it as a good opportunity.” Living up to this motto, it’s no wonder that he has the longevity of a career that is respected and noteworthy in the industry.

For Jeremy, chasing opportunities is part of his pursuit of excellence. “You have to hone what God has given you, so your talent would flourish and become better, opening your path to success.”

Jeremy also emphasized the importance of not losing yourself in the process. “I always strive to give the best out of myself,” he said. “The world of showbiz is unlike any other. People come and go at the speed of light, and the cutthroat environment sees many dreams go up in smoke. It’s very important to define who we are, and our differences make us stand out from all the rest.”

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Photo courtesy: Jeremy Thomas

Today, almost three decades into his career, Jeremy has amassed a gripping body of works and has reinvented himself as a film producer and director. He is still as driven as he was at the start of his career, with the added wisdom and flair to enjoy his time outside of work with great companies and a glass of cognac. We can easily picture him sitting together with fellow legendary actors, sharing a bottle of Hennessy X.O while conversing about the industry.

As such, when the opportunity to collaborate creatively with his favorite cognac brand came, he welcomed it with open arms. “I am very pleased to partner with Hennessy X.O, which has long had a reputation for its consistency and quality, a gentleman’s drink,” he said. “And I believe that such a gentleman is a dynamic and forward-thinking leader, someone who had gone through thick and thin to achieve his goals, and has a duty to mentor the next generation. Values I also hold dear in life.”

Like a well-rounded cognac, Jeremy may have reached maturity, but he refuses to bottle up his spirit. “What I yearn and want, my ambitions, they’re still in progress, and I’m not at the end of the chapter yet.”

With many accomplishments and experiences as an actor and producer behind him, Jeremy is now extending his portfolio and opening up another chapter of his life by venturing into the business world.

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