Travel Virtually from Home to the World’s Iconic Destinations

Travel Virtually from Home to the World’s Iconic Destinations

19 May, 2020

Satisfy your wanderlust and travel virtually from home to the world’s cultural treasures at these famous destinations in Indonesia and abroad, and even to another planet

The Red Planet
A collaboration between Google and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory gives access to one of Earth’s intriguing neighbours across the Milkyway, the mysterious Mars, for budding astronauts and space lovers alike. Thanks to the Curiosity exploration vehicle, e-travellers can explore and experience the surroundings of the red-coloured planet from the comfort of their own bedroom. Do include the little ones in these explorations followed by hands-on activities and interactive games to engage them further in the discovery of science.

Beyond the Curtains
Movie and travel lovers will no longer be bored at home thanks to a virtual meeting with like-minded enthusiasts for a tour to explore the iconic Ada Apa Dengan Cinta movie’s iconic filming locations. Accompanied by licensed tour guides with extensive experience from Wisata Kreatif, the Jelajah Napak Tilas Film AADC 2 programme will immerse e-travellers to experience the film-making process in and around Yogyakarta and hear fascinating behind-the-scenes stories between Rangga and Cinta when fate brought them back together.


Historic Haunt
Bandung’s famous Dutch Town in the Braga area, which is normally among the best places to have a short weekend getaway from Jakarta’s busy life, is now just one click away even with the movement-restriction order. This virtual travel from Wisata Kreatif Jakarta would start from Pasar Baru Bandung to the famous China Town, which gives a picture where oriental and colonial architectures blend, and modern and traditional shops meet alongside locally-made fashion centres and street-food stalls.

King’s Treasures
For an other-worldly tour option, go to Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities for a whole list of sites and monuments to explore complete with a section for related kids’ activities. Located in Luxor, one of the most iconic monuments is the tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses VI that has been opened virtually so visitors can feast their eyes on the exquisite paintings and well-preserved bas reliefs while learning about the story of the tomb itself.

Under the Sea
To break the monotony of working and studying at home, a 360-degree virtual tour of the National Aquarium in Baltimore provides a fun yet educational recreation. See the stunning arrays of aquatic species and discover fascinating facts about life underwater from colourful fishes to corals, and even endangered wildlife. Just like its actual place in the States, visitors can explore many of the gigantic aquariums, such as the shark and ray pools or the dolphin tanks.

Exploring Borders
The island of Batam offers a compelling mixture of cultures, history and amazing natural places. As a growing cosmopolitan island located just offshore from Sumatra and in the centre of shipping lines between Singapore and Malaysia, e-travellers can satisfy their curiosity to see life at Indonesia’s outer perimeter with its breathtaking beaches and lush tropical hills. Be sure to register first before enjoying the views with an ice-cold drink while lounging on the sofa, or even while doing the daily sunbathing.

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Words by Hesikios Kevin