Wulan Tilaar shares her strategy on how to survive from the economic downturn

Wulan Tilaar shares her strategy on how to survive from the economic downturn

16 June, 2020


The global impact from the Covid-19 pandemic has been dramatically reshaping lives, including in Jakarta since the past few months when the first recorded case appeared. People are staying at home to help flatten the curve and the economy is slowing down, those in the tourism, retail, fashion, and food and beverages sections are challenged to change and adapt due to their dependency on human interaction, movement and discretionary lifestyle. One example is Indonesia’s preeminent purveyors of advanced holistic beauty products, Martha Tilaar Group.

To survive from the economic downturn, a good marketing strategy coupled with innovative approaches is necessary to keep the business going. “While demands for beauty products are reduced due to the movement-restriction order, people are turning their attention to home remedies for skin and body,” said Wulan Tilaar, vice chairwoman of PT Martha Tilaar Group (MTG). “There is little need for women to put their makeup on these days, which is why MTG is spreading awareness about the importance of and benefits from self-care for natural beauty while waiting for the demand of beauty products to rise again”.

Besides shifting its product’s focus, MTG also turned some of its cosmetic factories to produce liquid and gel hand sanitisers after earning a Medical Devices and Household Health Supplies Licensing from the Ministry of Health. “It all started when sanitisers supplies grew scarce since this is among the most sought after products to fight the spread of the virus,” she said. “We should be more observant and aware about what society needs, which is why we create this new line of products while still keeping the health and wellbeing of our workers’ top priority by we also encourage and providing jamu drinks every week to help boost their immune system.” Realising that the coronavirus will leave a long-lasting impact on consumers’ behaviour, MTG has planned extra measures when business is back according to the new normal. In-store experience with samples to try, for instance, would have to be done with hygiene in mind and minimum contact with the skin. For now, MTG is enhancing the shopping experience on its online platform and WhatsApp channel by also selling its makeup and personal care in care packages for men and women. “I believe that a good brand is one that empathised with its customers. At MTG, we do the best to meet customers’ needs using a personal approach be it through our social media or Whatsapp,” Tilaar said.

Moreover, MTG is running social campaigns during this hard time to help those who are affected with this life-changing situation. Collaborating with Indonesia Global Compact Network, BenihBaik.com and Muslimat NU, Martha Tilaar has helped hundreds of lives to improve their immune system and to have health protection by donating reusable fabric masks, sanitisers, basic foodstuffs and its iconic Paket Sehat, which contains Martha Tilaar’s herbal supplements. When small group meetings are once again allowed, MTG would continue its many skill-set training all around Indonesia to encourage economic growth especially for the small- and medium- enterprises. The programme includes processing medicinal and aromatic herbs into healthy beverages as part of an innovative culinary project, and training for spa therapists, at the eco-tourism Bilebante Village in West Nusa Tenggara, which had been going for around one year in collaboration with The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH.


Source: Kevin, Hesikios, “Sound Strategy”, Tatler Indonesia, June Issue, 2020
Image source by Tatler Indonesia