Luxury Fashion Night 2015: A Succesful Celebration of International Couture and Luxury Skincare

Luxury Fashion Night 2015: A Succesful Celebration of International Couture and Luxury Skincare

17 June, 2015

Press Release – ‘Luxury Fashion Night’


The Mobiliari Group, publisher of Indonesia Tatler, delighted in collaborating with the Asian Couture Federation and The Proposal to present ‘Luxury Fashion Night’ on Wednesday June 10, 2015 in The Ballroom of Sampoerna Strategic Square. L’Queen, The Regent and Wolf Blass, three top brands known for their quality and preeminence, generously sponsored the elegant evening.


The distinguished guests invited to the event included more than 250 of Jakarta’s most established elite, ambassadors and celebrities as well as young and up coming socialites. Gathering from 6 PM onwards for the first ever ‘Luxury Fashion Night’, the grandiose event triumphed beyond expectations with a runway showcase of bespoke Bridal gowns and Haute couture by an international cast of fashion designers.


The evening commenced with a warm welcome from the founder of the Mobiliari Group, Mrs. Millie Stephanie: “It is The Mobiliari Group’s honour to collaborate with the Asian Couture Federation in recognizing and promoting Asia as a valued affiliate of the international fashion world,” she informed the audience. “Tonight the Asian Couture Federation is delighted to be hosted in Jakarta by Mrs. Millie Stephanie and the Mobiliari Group,” Dr. Frank Cintamani, founder of the Asian Couture Federation, echoed the sentiment. Being a true gentleman Dr. Cintamani gave a floral bouquet to Mrs. Millie Stephanie, as well as to the legendary Japanese designer, Madame Yumi Katsura.


Madame Yumi Katsura is one of Japan’s most well-known and prolific designers. Having been more than 50 years in the industry, she celebrated Yumi Katsura Couture’s 50th Anniversary in 2014. She is also celebrated worldwide for her ability to combine the kimono traditions and Japanese ancient craftsmanship with sophisticated dressmaking techniques and modern patterns of the West. Her magnificent bridal creations are considered original and innovative masterpieces, and she has designed for many celebrities including Pope John Paul II, and has even been listed in The Guinness Book of World Records for making a gown using more than 12 000 pearls.


After the visionary entourage stepped off the stage – fashion took center stage with models dressed in couture and bridal wear floating graciously down the runway. In the opening scene of The Proposal, they introduced the Shanghai designer, Jin Zhi Yu Ye, followed by the vibrant designs of Ines Di Santo from Canada. The sequence continued with the avant-garde creations of David Fielden, who hails form the United Kingdom, and the architectural inspirations behind Italian, Peter Langner. In the final scene Galia Lahav from Israel, the couture designer whose been dressing celebrities and woman worldwide for over three decades, enticed the imagination. The presentation concluded with a Paris walk presenting the founders of The Proposal, Mr. Chern San Lee and Mrs. Brenna Koh, who were applauded by an impressed audience for their showcase.


The highlight of the evening was the theatrical choreography of Madame Yumi Katsura’s 50th Celebration Collection. Capturing the heart of the audience, Madame Yumi Katsura selected couture creations using vintage Iwan Tirta Batik from 1995 and Yuzen; a 400 year-old Japanese heritage, akin to Indonesian Batik, known as Rinpa. Fashion and technology also collided during her runway sequence, when her bridal gowns lid up with glorious LED lights. In the grand finale, Madame Yumi Katsura herself strutted down the runway swaying the Japanese and Indonesian flags while the national anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’ was proudly playing. A spontaneous standing ovation displayed the crowd’s adoration as Mrs. Millie Stephanie and Mrs. Yuki Cintamani handed floral bouquets to Madame Yumi Katsura.


For the remainder of the evening, invited guests enjoyed the lively sounds of DJ Agung, tantalizing wines and cocktails from Wolf Blass and gastronome gourmet served by Ismaya Catering with mineral water supplied by Equil. L’Queen also had their own product displays and wall of fame manned by two handsome European male models dressed in contemporary Gregorian attire, much to the delight of the ladies who attended.

The ‘Luxury Fashion Night’ was an observance of international couture and skincare that the Mobiliari Group was proud to have added to their social calendar of high-class events for 2015. It was the vision and devotion of both Mrs. Millie Stephanie and Dr. Frank Cintamani that infused the initiative to host such a high fashion conglomeration right here in Jakarta, with many more to follow in the future.

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