Single Page Facing Contributors

<strong>Magazine Size Measurement in MM (W = H)</strong> <strong>Size</strong> Trims Bleed++<strong>Full Page</strong> 230 x 205mm 238 x 311mm<strong>Double Page Spread</strong> 456 x 305mm 462 x 31imm<strong>Front Cover Reverse Gatefold</strong> 456* x 305mm 462* x 31imm<strong>Guaranteed Positions</strong>Depending on availability of space and subject to the following surcharges: Fixed position: 20%.loading Page facing editorial 15%. loading<strong>Non-Standard Advertising</strong>Rates quoted are for basic process colours (Cyan. Magenta. Yellow & Black). Rates for insert. special colours. metallic inks. gatefolds and other non-standard advertising means are available from the director.<strong>Booking Deadline</strong>Up to four weeks preceding the month of publication.<strong>Closing Deadline</strong>For non-prime position. closing date for all material is the first day of the month preceding the month of publication.<strong>Cancellation</strong>No cancellation accepted after fourweeks preceding the month of publication. Bookings for fixed and prime position advertisements are non-cancelliabic_  For further enquiries regarding the submission of materials, please contact your advertising representative, or our commercial team (advertising@mobiliarigroup.com)