Fabulous Prizes Up For Grabs! Join our “#ILoveYouLike February Giveaway 2016” Quiz!

Fabulous Prizes Up For Grabs! Join our “#ILoveYouLike February Giveaway 2016” Quiz!

12 February, 2016

Valentine 2a

Indonesia Tatler always endeavours to be closer to its readers by offering a variety of information and promotion that enhance their lives. This February, Indonesia Tatler is celebrating the festive season with an online campaign activation called: “#ILoveYouLike February Giveaway 2016”.

As we know, February is the month of love and romance, and with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this moment is getting us in the mood for love. While we know that the true spirit of love should be celebrated every day, a little celebration certainly would not hurt. Putting a big smile on the faces of those that we love, by pampering them with gifts and surprises, cannot be harmful too.

In this month of love, everyone deserves to celebrate Cupid’s holiday in style. So this time, we celebrate it by inviting our followers to join and enjoy our Valentine treats, which are sure to put a smile on their faces.

Not only for couples, we believe Valentine’s Day is a moment to celebrate universal love. That’s why we want to invite people to also express the love between family members and friends. We want to encourage them to send affection to partners, family, and friends; to honour their love for each other.

“#ILoveYouLike February Giveaway 2016” is an online campaign activation in the form of quiz offering a multitude of prizes to our readers, comprising website and social media activation. The campaign will run from February 12 to 28, 2016, and there will be special prizes all worth IDR 50 million at the end of the campaign. The prizes include from romantic stays in hotels to fabulous fashion item.

This time, we want to create a Valentine’s Day-themed hashtag that encourages audience participation. Our Valentine’s Day campaign theme is “I Love You Like…”. We want to encourage creativity and get followers engaged by asking them to upload photos of their most memorable pictures with their loved ones.

We will ask our social media followers to complete this sentence, “I love you like…”, with the hashtag #ILoveYouLike, then encourage them to share their heartwarming love stories. The campaign will run on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and will direct people to Indonesia Tatler’s website, where users can get full information about the quiz.

Other than sending their submissions, the readers will also have to follow the rules to enter the quiz: follow, tag, and mention Indonesia Tatler via their social media accounts. We will reward the most interesting submissions, and those that gain good engagement (likes, comments, and shares). Prizes and winners will be unveiled on our Indonesia Tatler website and social media pages.

“#ILoveYouLike February Giveaway 2016” is our way of showing appreciation to our readers, as well as welcoming new readers, and in this opportunity, we wish all the readers: Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and a wonderful February!

We extend our appreciation and gratitude to our sponsors: The Laguna BaliMantra SakalaAmetis Villa, and Il Bisonte.


Come on, join the fun! Visit our social media accounts and participate the quiz!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Follow @indonesiatatler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

2. Simply post your most memorable photo(s) with your loved ones, it could be your sweetheart, your parents, your sister/brother, your best friend, etc.

3. Share it with us along with a caption explaining “I love you like…”; and tell us your heartwarming story or what they mean to you.

4. Don’t forget to tag and mention @indonesiatatler, also be sure to include hashtag #ILoveYouLike #IDTatlerFebruaryGiveaway

5. Submissions will be accepted until Sunday 28 February 2016. The winners will be announced on Monday 29 February 2016.

6. Top 5 lucky participants with the most interesting photos and captions and also most number of likes, stand a chance to win!

Go ahead! Search for your most memorable photo now and submit your entry to us! We wish you good luck! 😉