August 02, 2015

Indonesia Tatler August 2015

cover august 2015 This August, Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day, which falls on the 17th dayof the month. For this issue, General TNI Dr. Moeldoko, who is the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, graces our cover to celebrate the achievements he has accomplished as well as the country’s Independence Day. In addition, General Moeldoko talks to us about the importance of patriotism and how Indonesia is on the rise to become at par with its global counterparts. Abiding by his motto, ‘Innovate or Die,’ General Moeldoko addresses the public through his article on the importance of an ever-growing and ever-evolving economy towards a better Indonesia. Other than that, we also feature the profiles of successful entrepreneur, Rusdi Kirana, the founder of Lion Air Indonesia, and Rosa Rai Djalal, who has been active in Indonesian politics,education and women’s empowerment projects.

This month is rather special as apart from celebrating our Independence Day, we also highlight the happy nuptials of our President’s first son, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, who married Selvi Ananda last June. We share some of the beautiful moments of their wedding in our Soiree pages. In addition, Indonesia Tatler also recently held a grand event last June. In collaboration with the Asian Couture Federation and The Proposal, we presented ‘Luxury Fashion Night’ on June 10,2015 in The Ballroom of Sampoerna Strategic Square. Featuring Yumi Katsura, the legendary Japanese fashion designer, the event included more than 250 of Jakarta’s most established elite,ambassadors and celebrities as well as young and up and coming socialites. Find out who graced this exquisite event in our Soiree section.

We hope you enjoy the articles we prepared for this issue and we wish all of you a Happy Independence Day!

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