Kevin Mintaraga gives an update about his latest venture, Parentstory

Kevin Mintaraga gives an update about his latest venture, Parentstory

15 May, 2020

Child’s Play

Kevin Mintaraga, the mind behind Bridestory, gives Edith Emeralda an update about his latest venture, Parentstory

Foto: Dok. by Tatler Indonesia

What is Parentstory about and how does it work?
Last year, my friend, Garth, gave me an idea about expanding our company’s reach to include parents and their children. We then went into the territory with Parentstory, a membership-based platform where we focus on kids’ activities. Adults have gym membership, so Parentstory works the same way and we are now working with more than 150 activity providers in Jakarta from arts to education, sports, music, and many more.

What’s next for Parentstory in terms of content expansion and area availability?
When we’re talking about activities, it’s more about doing one event over a short period of time. On the other hand, with tutoring you have to commit to several sessions over a longer period of time, so this is where we are going next. Parentstory will also have its own content channel in the app for topics centred
around parenting. Right now, we are focusing on Jakarta and its surrounding areas; in the near future, we plan to include other Indonesian cities.

In starting this new platform, what challenges did you encounter and how did you solve them?
Educating about a new product in the market is one of the challenges, such as explaining how to use the Parentstory app to parents who are not so technologically savvy, or to show an activities provider what the product is all about. As such, we have done a lot of awareness campaigns through social media, or by inviting celebrities and key opinion leaders to try a class with Parentstory and share the experience on their channels. We also work with activities providers to showcase our banner at their place and offer additional benefits, such as discounts or installment payments.

What motivates you to wake up in the morning and keep on working and innovating with Bridestory and Parentstory?
I’m always excited to wake up and realise that my work can make an impact and give added value in other people’s lives, be they our customers, suppliers, vendors, and so on. We have to keep on thinking about the next innovations for Bridestory and Parentstory, and then executing to serve them better.


Source: Emeralda, Edith, “Child’s Play”, Tatler Indonesia, June Issue, 2019