Olivia Lazuardy talks about the inner workings of social media world

Olivia Lazuardy talks about the inner workings of social media world

19 May, 2020

Olivia Lazuardy talks about the inner workings of the social media world as one of the country’s rising influencers with a unique style and voice

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia

Known for her sweet personality and chic style, Olivia Lazuardy is an Indonesia-based fashion blogger who uses social media as a way to transport her fans to the front rows of international fashion shows in far-flung locations like Paris and New York. Olivia also invites others to see the beauty of the world as she posts colourful collages during her frequent travels. Her powerful presence as a lady boss inspires other women to enter the fashion world and empowers them through social media.  

In 2012, I vividly remember thinking on how to pursue fashion blogging as a full time career. The thought crossed my mind when I was scrolling through Nicole Warne’s blog—she’s known as Garry Pepper Girl and is still famous now as a fashion blogger. I was amazed and wondered how it was that she could turn it into a full-time job. It was a wake-up call for me that, if being a fashion blogger in other countries was a real occupation, why not in Indonesia, too? As such, my job could also be my hobby and also my passion.  

As you can see from my social media channel, my style depends on my mood. If I want to look sporty, I go with comfy outfits. While my fashion fundamental is a colourful and playful wardrobe with a play on layering for that Olivia signature look, I adapt styles from many places starting from runway to street style, and even my own experience. The trick to looking good is knowing what’s good for your body; my styling advice is to be aware of what amps up your vibe. For me, my aura shines the brightest when I am wearing colours.  

Empowering others and raising my voice in support of the things that matter most to me is important. I don’t always share a picture-perfect life with the public—I also share what I’m insecure about and even what concerns me the most. If I have a skin problem, I can open up to my followers, which gives me peace of mind in knowing that I am not the only fighter. It’s lovely to know that social media is no longer just a place to share beautiful things—it’s an open space to share flaws that others might have, too. Hopefully, what I’m doing is helping others to raise their own voices.  

Don’t ever reply to hate comments with more hate is one of my tips on what not to do in social media. No one should fan the flames of a fire because once you reply to those comments, it will trigger more negative actions. Secondly, don’t use your social media platform to interfere in other people’s business for the sake of your own fame. Although you might gain a huge number of followers quickly, it’s not good for your branding. Above all, this job is about your own branding, which you should maintain in the most positive way possible.


Source: Halim, Clairice, “Introducing the Young Leaders: Olivia Lazuardy”, Tatler Indonesia, April Issue, 2020