Out of this World: Peggy Hartanto tells her career as one of Indonesia’s fashion icons today. 

Out of this World: Peggy Hartanto tells her career as one of Indonesia’s fashion icons today. 

6 May, 2020

How Peggy Hartanto’s childhood pastime jumpstarted her career as one of Indonesia’s fashion icons today. 

Foto: Dok. Tatler Indonesia Dec Issue 2018


A distinctive talent on the rise, Peggy Hartanto is redefining Indonesian fashion worldwide. Envisioning her fashion house for the sophisticated and intelligent urban woman, her brand needs no approval nor appraisal to boost anyone’s confidence. After showcasing her collection in Paris, Peggy is now ready to take on new challenges to claim her position as an internationally acclaimed designer.

When did you realise you wanted to pursue fashion?

When I was little, my mum and grandma always made custom clothes for me and my twin, Petty. Aside from that, I myself made clothes for my dolls using leftover fabrics from my mum and grandma. You could say that from a young age, fashion came as second nature to me.

How has studying in Australia set you apart from other designers?

The laid-back minimalistic style in Australia influenced me a lot in shaping my design aesthetics. My internship at Collette Dinnigan, which led to a job offer there in the production, QC, and dispatch departments, gave me valuable lessons for setting up my own label.

How did you come to display your work in Paris?

Our label got incorporated in 2015 and since then we have been committed to growing the label. Going to Paris to show our newest collection was already a part of the plan, since Paris boasts the biggest tradeshow/ showroom for high-end to luxury fashion. Our collection is currently available in 13 countries, but it’s our dream to expand even further.

What’s the story behind your latest collection?

The SS19 collection is inspired by the mysterious world of Pandora, from James Cameron’s Avatar. Orbiting the closest to our solar system, Pandora has bizarre flora and fauna living on its surface. To the cultures of Earth, Pandora is similar but more vibrant with its richness of colours. The lower gravity makes many of its biota weirdly shaped and with proportions that appear strange to humans.

Source: Saphiera W, Karina, “Meet Generation T: Peggy Hartono”, Tatler Indonesia, December Issue, 2019