Indonesia Tatler December 2019

Indonesia Tatler December 2019

5 December, 2019

Season’s Greetings

First off, I’d like to thank all who joined us at the Indonesia Tatler Ball 2019 in Surabaya at the end of November. Needless to say, the event was a roaring success, while the reasons we held it in Surabaya and not Jakarta for the first time are twofold. First, attention is already shifting away from Jakarta and to other parts of this vast, varied country as it gears up for a new capital city, so it seemed sensible for us to look further afield for a venue. Second: that search took us all the way to Surabaya—after all, this thriving metropolis has much going  for it. A booming economy, a social scene that rivals Jakarta’s, a legion of elite VVIPs who are bringing both business nous and glam to the city, and a heady mix of eateries, clubs, bars, cafés, and so much more, all of which made this a natural choice for the year’s biggest social event. So natural, in fact, that we have now launched INDONESIA TATLER SurABAYA to celebrate all these achievements and the many more to come. I do hope you join us in wishing the city and the magazine much success in the future.

So what can you expect from INDONESIA TATLER itself this December? Well, if you hadn’t noticed (and if you’ve not visited any major mall since, say, the beginning of November), Christmas and the New Year’s celebrations are upon us. I don’t know how you celebrate these events, but I do know how the Colombians, Russians, French, and Finnish do. How? I simply turned to our article “Joy to the World” in which we talk to the ambassadors of these countries to find out how they celebrate the festive season. Meanwhile, in our cover story, newlywed dr. Natasha Cinta Vinski gives us insight into her life, her recent wedding, and her burgeoning businesses. For sure, her life is no “walk in the park”, as they say—despite the shoot taking place in the greenery of Kalimantan.

We’ve packed loads more in this issue: fab fashion, inspiring art, and wonderful watches for starters. Oh, and do join us in the saddle as we ride with the cowboys of El Rocio in Spain’s Andalusia region in “Horse Play”—and as we gallop into 2020. Happy New Year!