Indonesia Tatler February 2018

Indonesia Tatler February 2018

25 February, 2019

This year’s valentine’s issue is a little different from years gone by. While we do take a fond look at the love stories of some of our favourite couples (“Love, Actually”) we are also looking at another side of love. The bonds of firm friendship are at least as powerful as those of romantic love, and friendships forged out of common understanding, trust, and loyalty are what we look at in “A Friend Indeed”. Five of our fabulous society pals—Rachel Nathani, Sabrina Joseph, Patty Kaunang, Chiang Yu Lan, and Richard Muljadi—reveal their innermost thoughts on what it is that they seek out in their lifelong friends and the true meaning of friendship. No less strong are the bonds that unite our cute couples in our love story this issue. Ranging from childhood friends (Garri Juanda and Mesty Ariotedjo) to a couple with years of happy wedded bliss behind them (Gilles and Anna Destriana Marx), all our pairs have totally fascinating tales to tell.

Indonesia Tatler, at its core, is a magazine that puts people first, and this February issue is no different: we, along with the other Asia Tatlers, have put together a list of each country’s leading bachelors and bachelorettes (“Asia’s Most Eligible”). With each comes a pleasing package of brains, heart, and beauty. Stuck in singlehood? Comb through the list to find the perfect partner—as vetted by your favourite society magazine. Meanwhile, from this year onward, Indonesia Tatler Society’s 500 list of the country’s most distinguished members is narrowed down to 50 of the best names. Across many fields, ages, and nationalities, what truly counts here are contributions to the country and to society. See inside the who’s who of this year’s list.

Elsewhere in this issue we have visited one of Tokyo’s leading hotels and explored the wide range of cuisines it offers (“Finest Japanese Dining”) and taken time to chat with fashion designer Obin, who is dedicated to preserving woven Indonesian heritage. Did I mention the gazillion fashion pages we have? And that’s not even the end of the story! It really is an issue put together with love. And it’s all for you, our dearest reader: a loyal friend until the very end. Happy reading!

—Millie Stephanie Lukito

CEO and Bureau Chief