January 01, 2015

Indonesia Tatler January 2015

Indonesia Tatler January 2015

We are finally here at the beginning of 2015. Questions and reflections arise every time we enter the New Year, meaningful resolutions set, past actions evaluated, and new determination and courage being summoned to make this year a better one than before. Great Japanese philosopher Daisaku Ikeda says, “Anyone who has ever made a resolution discovers that the strength of that determination fades in time. But the moment you feel that—is actually when you should make a fresh determination. Tell yourself, ‘OK! I will start again from now.” I couldn’t agree more with this saying, as people and circumstances change. And sometimes we can easily get carried away by what happens around us. But if we fall down seven times, get up an eighth because nothing is wonderful but seeing ourselves win in life, no matter what the situations with which we are confronted.

This never-give-up attitude—we can find inspiration from Dato’ Sri Prof DR Tahir. MBA, who graces our January 2015 cover. A father of four who had risen from a humble beginning to become a billionaire and a hero of philanthropy, DR Tahir believes in the power of hope. Hope draws forth his inner potential and strength, and it has made him a “rock climber” who never fears of climbing any life mountain he faces. He also teaches us the importance of gratitude in life and of giving back, as he puts it: “Now it’s time for us to give back, and I don’t think we should vaunt ourselves on it, as such an action (giving back) only vouches for the logical consequences of our presence in this world.”

On a lighter note, we also feature the complete coverage of our successful Indonesia Tatler Ball 2014. Inside, you’ll find a 30-page report on one of the most glamorous and talked-about functions in Jakarta. Flip the pages, and spot yourself and your friends strike
a pose before our camera. Happy New Year!

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