Indonesia Tatler July 2017

Indonesia Tatler July 2017

5 July, 2017

Gosh, is it really July? Time really flies in Indonesia Tatler’s world. I expect it does in yours, too but I hope you had a blessed Lebaran and were able to spend time with friends, family and loved ones (or simply to enjoy a well-deserved break from work). It’s always hard to get into gear after a break I find, so I hope that our July issue gives you some much-needed inspiration.

As well as leading fabulous lives, Indonesia Tatler is all about helping others. With movers, shakers and VVIPs among our readers, we always try to give gentle nudges to others to do good works, and in this issue, we fulfil this mission by focusing on two outstanding ladies: Queen Silvia of Sweden, who is aiming to end violence against children; and HE Roya Rahmani, the Afghan Ambassador to Indonesia, who takes time out of her busy schedule to sit down and tell Indonesia Tatler about her life and work as an ambassador and her home country.

Travel never far from our minds as regular readers know, so on this note, our July edition is packed with amazing travel tales. It often comes as a surprise to me that many of our readers have barely explored our own beautiful country—I’m sure we’ll change your minds this issue with our coverage of Flores and Komodo—as well as other parts of Asia: and we have that covered with a story about the lovely island of Koh Kood in Thailand. And for all your Europhiles, we also take a trip with Fitria Yusuf to the charming Lake Como in Italy.

Closer to home, we’re happy also to bring you post-event coverage of our own Art Sampoerna, which Mobiliari Group (the publisher of Indonesia Tatler) organised with Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Art is all about changing perspectives, and in Indonesia it’s a world on a constant upswing. This means something for everyone all year round, and so we’re also happy in this issue to bring you even more news about the upcoming ART STAGE Jakarta.

There is even more, of course! More food, more fashion, more beauty, and more joie de vivre all round, but sadly  no more room for me to write. So enjoy!