Indonesia Tatler June 2017

Indonesia Tatler June 2017

5 June, 2017

IT Cover June'17 OK FINAL REVThis month sees Islam’s holiest days and celebrations, and probably not by coincidence, but perhaps by divine providence and as a cosmic reminder, June 1 also marks Pancasila Day. This day has been celebrated since 1945, although it was only declared a public holiday last year by our dear friend President Jokowi. So we’d like to take this opportunity, as the world’s largest Muslim-majority nation, to also celebrate the unity we have in religious diversity and freedom, and to express our wish that all people of all faiths and creeds celebrate every day that God has given them with tolerance towards others’ faith with love and with respect.

One person who does deserve our respect is our Ignasius Jonan, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, who has methodically and diligently climbed the political ladder by virtue of honesty, integrity, sheer hard work and not bowing to the pressure of small but vocal special interest groups. He tells us his story and how he manages to achieve an awful lot without breaking under pressure. This career politician has already transformed the image and fortunes state transportation company Persero and now he’s turning his magic touch to energy: a real “Mr Clean”, Ignasius is looking to the future of fair and sustainable energy while also ensuring the provision of this energy to households across the country, rich and poor alike. This month sees him on the cover of Indonesia Tatler.

Elsewhere in this issue, we turn our attention to food, which is never far from our hearts (literally and metaphorically!), chatting to a slew of chefs, all of whom reveal some of their top cooking lessons and life stories. We also cover our usual bases of fashion, beauty, hospitality and the very best news, views and social updates from Indonesia Tatler’s network of VVIPs and highsociety movers and shakers.

But turning our attention back towards holier matters to end this note as we started, in celebration of Lebaran and Eid al-Fitr this year, we have rounded up the stories of some of our nearest and dearest among Indonesian (and other countries’) social figures and asked them what they will be doing. Flip through to find out. So enjoy your holiday, celebrate what God has given you, as well as your family and friends, and live each day in love and peace.

Happy reading!!
—Maria Lukito
Bureau Chief