Indonesia Tatler September 2019

Indonesia Tatler September 2019

5 December, 2019

Fashion Statement

As a magazine that is the leader of the pack when it comes to sensational style, we always showcase the best-dressed among society’s A-listers. But this month, we have an extra- special treat for you: almost 20 pages devoted to September’s “Runway Report”, covering the fall/winter collections from the world’s leading fashion houses. As I scrolled through the proofs of the pages, one thing struck me without reading even a single word: what a season of colour! From vivid neons to fancy florals and more, this winter certainly won’t be drab. Make sure you stay ahead of the trends and read all about your favourite brands’ upcoming offerings. Whether you’re over-wintering here or jetting off somewhere refreshingly cold (I write this when it’s a sweltering 35 degrees outside), make sure you’re seen in style. Meanwhile, our cover story (“Lives Lived Hard”) continues our region-wide focus on Asia’s top young achievers whom we dub Generation T (Gen.T). In these pages, 2019 Gen.T awardees Alamanda Shantika, Gita Sjahrir, Patricia Gunawan, and Tasya Farasya share with us just how they manage their many responsibilities while keeping mind, body, and spirit in perfect harmony.

We also speak with one of my closest friends, Wanda Ponika, the founder of Wanda House of Jewels. In “Wonder Woman”, we cover all her philanthropic efforts, including one that truly harnessed the power of social media to effect change. With Indonesia often dubbed the world’s most social media–obsessed country, Wanda has proven that this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Quite the opposite in fact: she asked her followers to donate a thousand pairs of shoes for kids in Labuan Bajo who have to walk many kilometres to school every day, and she ended up with five thousand! Wanda and I also collaborated on building a school in this small but growing town. Given a predicted boom in visitors to the area along with many government-led infrastructure improvements, we do hope that an influx of tourism dollars will ensure the community becomes self-sustaining as soon as possible.

What else can you find in this issue? Everything from watches to weddings to wonderful places to dine—we’ve got all your monthly needs covered. It may be hot outside, but in these pages, I’m sure you’ll find something cool. Happy reading!